Welcome to The Rare Brand Market

Like a rare breed this is a little known yet exciting way of shopping. A regularly organised marketplace for inspiration, a hub of ideas to celebrate the best products not found easily on every high street. We love finding Emerging brands and we enjoy arranging unique POP-UP shopping events to celebrate our Rare Finds. SHOPPING should be pleasurable. Shopping with emerging small independent brands is so rewarding! Try it! Retail and Shopping is all about ENGAGEMENT! We are most known for our acclaimed Christmas Market on the Goodwood Estate, this has been running for 10 years!

Sadly due to the Covid 19 era we are unable this year to trade, the events business has been hugely hit by this pandemic. We don’t want to stop encouraging consumers to shop with independent RARE BRANDS - so this year rather than just resorting to virtual events which we think to be quite frank are useless given the amount of noise on social media, we are creating a proper self published hard little black book, this little black book will be like a Golddust directory of all the rare brands that we’ve traded with in recent years and we will categorisation this directory into helpful categories to make gift buying as easy as possible. As long as COVID-19 Government guidelines in able us to reopen again early December, we will also do some shopping events at our new physical venue in the centre of Chichester.

If you would like to purchase a little black book please visit our new physical venues website which is…


The Covid Era

Due to Covid-19 The Rare Brand Market are currently not doing any events this Spring and Summer. Please enquire about our Christmas Markets via our Contact us web-page.

We were due to be opening a fabulous NEW EATERY and VENUE SPACE in Chichester City Centre this Spring called The Barn, Little London but that will have to go on the back burner!...

Or will it??!!

Our Founder Emma is a HUGE FOODIE, Great Taste Judge and Chair of Slow Food Sussex https://www.slowfood.org.uk

She would love you all to shop for Locally sourced RARE food during this crisis and maybe a bit less at the Supermarket! It would be one of the great silver linings from this whole COVID ERA! So with the support of the landlord at The Barn, Little London, she has decided to launch Monday 20th April a NEW RARE way to shop for your food and then collect it via a DRIVE- THRU Food Service in the City centre of Chichester.

To find out all about this service, view the Local Food range you can shop and learn more about our new venture The Barn, Little London please visit our sister website.

We like Rareness - See our Instagram feed for all things Rare - @rarelifenow